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Country: United States
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Spooky2 rife frequency detox
Country: United States

Hello friends!

I’d like to offer each of you an opportunity to experience a Spooky2 Rife frequency detox.

The detox is 11 days and is as follows.

1: Remove Metals
2: Remove Metals
3: Remove Chemical Materials
4: Remove Systemic Toxins 1
5: Remove Systemic Toxins 2
6: Remove Intestinal Toxins, Remove Systemic Toxins 3
7: Parasites and Liver Function
8: Kidney Function 1
9: Kidney Function 2, Cleanse Blood
10: Kidney and Liver Toxins, Intestinal Parasites
11: Lymphatic System 1, Lymphatic System 2

The cost is $75 with a 100% money back guarantee, for any reason. As soon as I can I’ll have Dero going too.

Please reach out to me directly at and we can discuss all the details further.


Trust/ PMA Clothing Design
State/Province: Worldwide

If you have a logo and a PMA or Trust name, I will design you a shirt you can buy on our website in case you are ever summoned and need evidence that you own the entity of your strawman, and are NOT the strawman.

Connect with me regarding prices and consultation!