Thank you

Your reservation is confirmed!  Stay tuned for details!

Welcome and CONGRATS your booking at Templīs Aquária!

We are truly elated to host your group, and to share our little slice of heaven with you 🙏🏽 We offer a river front glamping style experience and have our own private waterfall.

Things to Note:

Please read our entire listing, including the House rules as there is important info listed there such as:

-We have freerange chickens and peacocks, that crow at the break of dawn, they are Loud!

-We’re off grid, so there’s no WiFi or cell service!

-Please, No parties or drugs, littering etc.

-Our designated smoking area is outside the entrance gate.

(amognst others house rules)

By booking our listing you agree to the terms listed in our house rules, please make sure to read them and agree.  If you dont agree to the house rules, no worries, you have a 48 hour grace period to cancel your booking with 100% refund.

Closer to your stay, I’ll send you check-in instructions with details on how to get here, where to park, gate/door codes and all that!

I wanted to share some insider tips on making the best of your stay here at Templīs Aquária!

– It gets cold here at night bc of the elevation, so bring something cozy and warm to snuggle up in.

– There arent any grocery stores near, so make sure to do your shopping before hand, I shop at Freshmart in San Juan, its about 2 hours away, near the airport and one of the only places to get organic produce.  The other app I use will deliver your groceries directly here and uses all local farmers for their ingriedients.  Its called PRoduce.  You can download it and have them deliver it prior to your stay and I will stock it in your refridgerator for you!  There is also an econo about an hour south, in Juana Diaz.

-We may have farm fresh eggs available for your stay!

-Since we have no cell signal, you can:

Bring a good book, a journal, a yoga mat, or download some music/audiobooks on your phone beforehand! Also, dont forget hiking shoes, a swimsuit, etc.

-We have a small firepit and you’re most welcome to have a fire! Campfire instruments available upon request (always a hit with the kids!)

-Just up the river from the gazebo we have a turtle in the large pool! Can you spot him?!  Accepting name suggestions

-The rain sometimes washes litter into our pristine waters from the roads, we all would be so grateful if you bring it in and put it in the trash, Ill refund you $1 for every piece of litter found.

-Most of the chickens are friendly, but our head hancho Lorenzo the rooster is a rescue, who is still recovering from being abused and can sometimes get spooked and come at you.  This can be deflected by standing calm and talking to him in a calm voice to help calm his nerves and set your boundaries.  You can always call for me if you get scared and Ill come to your rescue!

Things to do nearby:

-Toro Negro National Forest has hiking, yoga, forest bathing, reiki, as well as the worlds longest zip line!  Check their website for more info and their facebook group Amigos del Bosque Toro Negro Inc.  (which has their yoga schedule).

-Food: Restaruantes are hard to come by up here, but her are a few, There are two including a coffee shop in Toro Negro forest.  Then, at the Divisoria, there is a cute little place that does local quisine.  Taking 149 south towards Juana Diaz, there is a new Rooftop restaurant about 12 minutes south that has a great view, I havent eaten there yet, but it looks cute!

Swoop into our newest edition to our experience here and to pick up some souveneirs or gear for your stay, check out our boutique:

Coming soon we will have our own app with adventures and treasure hunts to download prior to your stay!

We look forward to hosting you for a unique homestead experience!

~Honored and excited,

Kalina, the kitties, peacocks & chickens