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Dear Beloved Querent/Reader,

It is with the fullness of my breath and love that I offer to you the contents of this Tarot.  And, while based off of and inspired in part by other decks such as the Tarot de Marseilles and the Tarot of Eden, I attempted to illustrate the sacred path of the fool, based off my own meditations on the Fools Journey.  I pondered on my own journey, from deep within mediation as well as the darkest nights of the soul, where the single thing holding me together during a tumultuous and dark time was my trusted Tarot deck.  In my darkest transformational times, I would sleep with my deck every night, pulling every card on those sleepless nights.  It is within this time, as well as the light of blissful meditation after self-initiation and dissolution into the Absolute that I have pulled this journey from my own path.  Each suit of elements in the Minor Arcana flow, building upon each other, as do the Major Arcana in the grand journey of The Fool.

This deck differs a bit than traditional decks, where the querent/reader can merely memorize each card individually to understand the message completely.  In dReams Tarot, each card builds on the others that come before, so meditating on and studying the entire sequence of cards will behoove the reader into obtaining deeper meaning.

If you are starting off and wanting spreads to practice with, I can recommend a few that were my go to’s, but in my most humble opinion, I feel using your intuition to cast readings using your own creative introspective questions will serve you best in our inquiry.  Eventually you will learn to free hand your own spreads tailored to your own inquiry.

I like to think of Tarot as simply giving Source a translator or a new method to connect with you, via words you can read.  It’s a vocabulary set and alternative method that you can use to  hear The Divine speak.  I tend to have an opening ceremony even if small prior to my readings, where I connect to Source either with prayer or intention.  Then I move from my beta mind or “knowledge” to my deeper intuitive intelligence.  I let go and trust that my intention to learn, grow, heal and become the best version of myself will be supported by only the highest Source, that some may call God.  I connect to Source directly, and only allow this energy to speak to me through the deck, as well as my highest, most wise self. I take the deck and whisper my energy and intentions into it and breathe a deep breath into the cards to clear it and give it my own essence.  Or, if I am reading for someone, I may have them breathe on the cards.

Then, when I want to connect with Source I like to ask questions like “What do I most need to hear or focus on to be on my highest path at this time”.  Then, I physically shuffle the cards and riffle gently through each until one feels a bit more magnetic, heavy, sticky or good (like pleasing) in my fingers.  There may at times be one or two that linger on the touch or feel particularly pleasing.  I pull those.  If cards fall out, I include them in the reading.

If you feel like you need a spread, I will offer you the one I have found most beneficial in my time of reading tarot.  That is of the Consulting Spread, which consists of 3 cards.  The first card drawn signifies the best path of action to take; or rather, what should be done (The Advice).  The second card is what to avoid, or warnings and pitfalls, things to be aware of (What NOT to do).  And the 3rd card is the Synthesis, should you heed such advice, or the most likely outcome if you take the path and avoid the other.

This is simple and effective.  In tarot, it’s a practice to develop your inner awareness, we are always practicing hearing the Song of The Divine.  We must engage in self inquiry just as much as external inquiry using the cards when doing a reading.  When we pull a card, it is up to us to reflect to ourselves with integrity for the accuracy and validity of a card’s applicability to our situation at hand.  Sometimes they are very subtle, but connections can be made when we are honest with ourselves and look deeply.  If at first your readings don’t feel that aligned, just continue to practice your inquiry and introspection.  And most importantly, set your intention.  Dedicate this practice of reading for yourself or others to becoming the highest expression of self you were destined for at this time.  Let it be a way you connect with Creator and be in service to all those you serve and love.

Thank you for allowing me to take you on the Journey of the Fool~ through my eyes and reflections and offer this unique take on Tarot.



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