Spiritual Counseling Sessions

This world is not as it seems, there are many layers to what’s being reflected back to us in our collective Hologram. Sometimes, we need a little extra help sorting through things. If you wish to have a heart to heart with one of our ministers, who are trained and vetted at the highest levels, ordained by God and deeply called to service at this time, it is always recommended to donate to them to compensate their time. We have had an overwhelming high demand of requests to address the current worldwide situation at hand, our ministers have been working long hours expanding their skillsets to meet todays challenges. Coming soon we will have a section with all our ministers listed worldwide and their specialties. You can contact them directly for their services as your intuition guides you, each has a different gift to be shared.

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If you’re in need of some respite to ground in and get clarity on your connection to God, you may consider booking a self led retreat here at our main Temple’s headquarters. We have individual riverfront rooms, and dorm rooms just 3 minutes from our waterfalls.

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