Invoking Religious Rights

As Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven,

Know that you are Divinely Protected by God. Every door that shuts, we will create a new one in the Divine Perfection of God’s true image. You do not have to accept intimidation or coercion into violating your utmost sacred truth.

Religious Decrees

We are an assembly of men and women who have come together under God to live in ways dictated by our highest spiritual values, love, learn, and give thanks and praise to each other and the Most High.  We are an Unincorporated, Faith Based, Religious Assembly, governed by God.  Governments try to label us as 508c1a’s or 1st Amendment Church, but we shouldn’t have to squeeze ourself into some fictitious categorization by some organizing body we don’t recognize within our ecclesiastic congregation.  However, when we interface with them, it can serve us to give them the designation of 508c1a, which tells them we are protected under the highest form of freedom of speech, unlike the normal 501c3 non profits, who are under the jurisdiction of the government at federal and state level. As a 508c1a Unincorporated Religious Assembly, we operate in the private. We are also a Private Membership Association, which bears the same designation.

Important Info

While it is absolutely ludicrous and an abomination that we should have to present paperwork to prove our deeply held religious Truths, to buy us a little time as we build the infrastructures of Heaven on Aerthe outside of the falling old world system, at times you may find it advantageous to present our sincerely held religious beliefs to your employer or school in the form of a formal Religious Decree, signed by one of our ministers. Many of our members have come to us seeking help with getting exemptions. Our clergy had a meeting and decided that we will do a fundraiser to hire more legal protection for our members, below you will see a Kickstarter inspired fundraiser so we can secure a package that includes life long litigation support from a team that has never lost a case in 50 years.

We know that to even speak about our deeply held religious practices goes against our faith, as we are based in privacy, and believe that when we pray, it should be exclusively for The Divine, and never be put on display, we have consulted with our inner Counsel and believe that in this extremely stressful time we may have to come out of hiding so to speak and share about our beliefs and practices more publicly.

We understand that the current situation that is being forced on us completely violates our deepest, most sacred faith-based values and feels wrong on every aspect of our innermost Source, dictated by God. So we are left with little choice but to work together to support our small but worldwide and growing every day community. We have created this guide to help our members select the assistance necessary to navigate out of this nightmarish mess.

The First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Every location, employer, state, university etc has their own unique requirements for what they need for you to file a Religious Decree (for exemption purposes). You will have to inquire to see the format they will accept. Every member of our Church can request a PDF version of a certificate with your name/family’s name signed by one of our ordained ministers, as well as a PDF copy of Our Doctrine & Tenets, a formal Religious Decree signed by one of our ministers.  If you need your Decree notarized and signed by our head Minister, we hope that you will find the following fundraiser useful.  For most cases, our electronic PDF packages work just fine.

To remind our members, we are a PMA and an Unincorporated 508c1a Faith-Based, Religious Assembly/Church, and we must always come in the highest expression of Peace and Honor to all nations, courts, people, etc, yet we uphold our deeply held convictions to the utmost, and as Heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven, the living Temple’s where God resides, we speak on our authority given to us by God. Our members religious freedom to enjoy life and to not be discriminated against is paramount to us, as we shall NEVER alter the sacred encodings in our blood that God has given us as his gift, coursing through our veins with abominations made of man from the unworthy blood of animals and other things so wretched we can’t even mention them.

We are currently fundraising to become a PMA (Private membership Association) through   We already are a PMA through Genoa Institute, but to go also go through PA, we will receive a package that includes life long litigation should our church ever be taken to court. The organization has been in business over 50 years and they have never lost a lawsuit, EVER. The price for this package is $10,000 and all your donations go towards getting our Church fortified to protect all our religious rights at the highest levels. Our litigation team works in the De Jure government, keep in mind normal Lawyers are trained to work in the De Facto government, meaning artificial, who’s jurisdiction doesn’t apply to us under Gods Law. All Lawyers are trained to serve the system, our team is trained to serve the people, as law should be.

Donation Packages

Please note: All members will be required to sign our PMA agreement and become a member before obtaining any of these exemptions, in order to keep our community safe and out of public scrutiny, and to protect the general public’s free will from our advanced studies and practices, as the information we discuss causes rapid ascension, and some beings on Earth have chosen to not ascend out of the slave matrix. We must never speak about our religious practices or studies in the public eye.


To Obtain an official Religious Decree: 

  1. Go to the top right and select Sign Up.  
  2.  Sign the PMA Agreement. 
  3.  Check your email and sign in with the temporary password. 
  4.  Navigate to the JOIN tab
  5.  Select your Membership Donation Tier
  6.  Click the dropdown menu on your account and click “Generate Certificate” and obtain your Decree.

Tier 1, new member any donation amount of your choosing greater than $33 USD (or $7.77 monthly)~ In this donation tier, you receive Access to our private telegram group, App, and private online temple and social media platform where members can engage with other members and speak in protection and privacy about our faith and teachings sans scrutiny, share notes from our studies, gain private invitations to events including an online Sunday member lead workshops and Temple Services.  The Sunday services/classes are lead by different leaders and Guest Ministers in our community, access to members only in person events such as Monthly Temple Services, Ceremonies, charity events and more. For this package, please send an email to the temple keeper introducing yourself, and why you’re interested in joining our church, and list the name at least one person from our church that referred you in order to keep our space sacred and protected.

Individual Tier 2: Donations of $44 gets a certificate of membership to the temple for 1 person,  and access to our Decree Generator to get our 14 page Religious Decree signed by our Senior Minister, using the same software that is used in sales of houses and other contracts, to speak to its validity.  You auto generate your own documentation in your drop down menu. 

Family Tier 3: Donations of $55 gets the same as Tier 2 except the certificate of membership for a family, with all the immediate family members names on one certificate, no more than 10.

Individual Tier 4: Donations of $88 Gets Tier 2 mailed and a physical signed & sealed certificate and 14 page Religious Decree (Affidavit) sent in the mail for an individual.

➤ Family Tier 4 Donations of $88 Gets Tier 2 mailed and a physical signed & sealed certificate and 14 page Religious Decree (Affidavit) sent in the mail for a family.  All family names will be on the same certificate.

Tier 5: Donations of $350 gets either Tier 2 or 3, and tier 4 except notarized.  The package has your name/your families names, Certificate of Church Membership and a 14 page Religious Decree (Affidavit). This is a powerful and sincere Decree of Religious Faith that outlines our deepest, innermost convictions regarding the topic at hand. The burden of having to break our practice and share about our religious practices can fall on our minister, in this case. It is written in Peace and Honor, with lots of research on behalf of our legal team and our ministers to help relieve the stress of having to lose your job or lose your soul. We are here for you in this stressful time and are always available to provide spiritual guidance for our members and we understand how severe the repercussions are, many members are forced to either betray their faith or lose their job in a world that has forgotten how to Love thy Neighbor as Yourself and Love God with all your Heart. Please Note: If you want more than one affidavit notarized with additional names, please donate an additional $30 for each name to cover the cost of the notary and annotate it in your email you send to us to let us know).

Tier 6: Donations of $500 gets a 2 night TempleStay (2 queen beds, sleeps 4) with access to the waterfalls and outdoor baths and either Tier 2 or Tier 3.  (No physical documents will be mailed, only autogenerated.) 

Tier 7: Donations of $1111 or more gets 4 nights stay for 10 (4 rooms, 2 queens, 2 fulls, 2 twins ask for details) with access to the waterfalls and outdoor bathtubs, either Tier 2 or Tier 3. (No physical documents will be mailed, only autogenerated.) 

★ All electronic documents are generated on the site under your membership tab after signing the PMA and sending Donation.  Please refrain from emailing to avoid overwhelm as we are a small ministry and struggling to add admin to support the cause. We will respond asap, unless we have a power outage or storm. Our main temple is based off grid with no cell service and only satellite wifi that not only requires electricity to run, it also does not function in a rainstorm, plus its extremely slow and expensive. If you haven’t received your email with all your username and password within 3 hours, check your spam, and every folder possible. The email comes from or Please add us as a contact,  We have been getting messages that our messages are going directly to the spam folder, even when we respond to your email. 

 With notarizations and snail mail, please allow up to a month, as we have to customize the documents, schedule with Attorney/ Notary, and ship from Puerto Rico. If you need it expedited, contact us with your dates you need it by. **DO NOT USE .edu email addresses, they 100% block all of our communications. If you have sent us one using a university email, send us a different email asap.  If you ordered physical documents mailed and have not provided your mailing address we cannot ship your docs.  We are still trying to track down 2 families initials LM and AQ who donated in February.  Please send us your mailing addresses ASAP, you contacted us in February. 

Thank you for helping us fundraise for our temple.  We rely exclusively on donations, and all of it gets funneled back into our temple to make it even better and more enriching for our community.